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Advice please!
« on: May 16, 2018, 09:33:51 AM »
Okay so recently I’ve been feeling a little down and alone and was surprised when I ran into an old friend. We were so excited in the moment I forgot why I even stopped talking to her. She couldn’t wait to meet up again and reached out wanting to go out. When we got together literally all she did was want to smoke weed at the park and it was freezing. I put up with it and sat with her hoping it was a once off thing. Now she’s messaging me and can’t wait to do it again but I’m just turned off. I don’t smoke but have had a bad experience around weed and it makes me ansty the whole thought of it is a bad trigger for me. I did mention it makes me anxious but Im too embarrassed to say anything else because I really don’t want to go into details or seem prudish. I’m thinking of just slowly backing of because this reminded me of how we just drifted because we were so different. But I also do think she’s a really nice girl and would hate for someone to tell me what to do.