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Friendship help
« on: June 26, 2018, 10:33:57 PM »
(This is my first post thing so I really don’t know what I’m doing..)
So I have a best friend and we’ve been friends for almost 3 years. She’s really awesome and funny but, a few months ago she started having a crush on a boy and she started to change. She’s become more self-centered and a bit of a brat.
Most days I don’t feel like leaving the house (which I have expressed to her multiple times) yet she still insists that we hang out. I normally end up hanging out with her so she won’t complain.
She’s also been apart of more drama and involving me in it, I don’t mind if she tells me about it but if I giver her advice she just gets mad. If you don’t tell her what she wants to hear then she’ll throw a fit.
She’s also very pushy. She and her family go camping a lot and once she invited me to go, but I couldn’t because I had plans. She started coming up with ideas so I could come and see her. I told her that I wasn’t coming and that it was too inconvenient. She didn’t listen and threw a fit when I told her no.
The boy she had a crush on has been talking to me lately and my friend because SUPER jealous. She told him “If you want to talk to [insert my name] then you’ll have to call me too.”
Whenever I receive a text I always get the feeling of my stomach sinking. I always freak out and think it’s my friend and she’s gonna complain about something.
There’s a lot more that has happened but this has become pretty long.
She just makes me feel like a bad friend because I never really like hanging out. I’m not the confrontational type so I find confronting people really hard.
Every day she has something new to cry to me about.
If you have any advice that would be very helpful.

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Re: Friendship help
« Reply #1 on: June 27, 2018, 03:18:55 PM »
That’s a big, tough situation to be in, well, clearly, talking to her (or trying) didn’t/doesn’t work, so maybe ask an adult on how to deal with this (I’m sorry if you’re an independent child). It’s either get an adult, find some new friends.. leave her behind, because eventually, and I know this might be sad to hear, but she will get over you and find new friends, as will you. Go find some wonderful new friends and be happy, she’ll find out on her own that you don’t want to be friends. Though, don’t be rude, always say ‘hi, how are you?’ When she walks by.. it’s easier than causing a spat.

I sincerely hope this helps xxx
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Re: Friendship help
« Reply #2 on: September 29, 2018, 10:15:12 AM »
Hey I really feel for you I’ve been in situations like this plenty of times and I know how much it’s sucks! Honestly it’ll only get better. Either you’ll just sit her down and tell her it’s hard for you to go out a lot and you need more time for yourself and she’ll understand or won’t. If she doesn’t then I guess you will have to question whether she is worth even keeping around. If you find that the aftermath or her drama isn’t worth it then maybe it’s best to just feed her ego a bit, don’t give her advice she doesn’t want to hear just listen intently without putting too much care into a response. It’s sad but sometimes people just need someone to listen. It could also be one of those situations where you guys are just having a really “off season” and it’ll get better and you guys will be all love haha. Test the waters for a bit and see if it’s salvageable, try to remember the good times you guys have shared to relax you and keep you afloat (I know it’s hard especially when she’s being so annoying).

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Re: Friendship help
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