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Using menstrual cups
« on: August 27, 2018, 06:04:05 AM »
I’m 21 years old and a virgin. I’ve only ever used sanitary towels (no tampons). A few months ago (January) I brought a MoonCup to start using. I got the right size and I was aware it would take me about 3 months to be able to insert it properly as that’s what all the forums and health advisors said.

However, flash forward 8 nearly 9 months and I’ve never been able to insert it. My only theory is that it’s because of my virginity (and lack of tampon use) - my hymen is still fully intact. I can use my finger to open it up but I can’t then get the menstrual cup small enough around my finger no matter what fold I use.

If I try to insert it without my finger in the way the penetration of the cup becomes extremely painful against my hymen.

Does anyone have any advice?