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Another 1st Time Post
« on: December 08, 2018, 08:39:08 PM »
I’m a virgin, in my early twenties, on the pill, and in a loving, caring relationship. My boyfriend and I have only been dating for six months. (If I choose to have sex, I will use condoms.) I’ve always been hesitant to do anything sexual, but I have. I think the reason is, or was, in part due to me just being a prude, partly catholic guilt and wanting to wait until after marriage, all of the anxieties that accompany your first time (pain, bleeeding, pregnancy, etc.), and of course meeting the right man. Now I think I’ve found the right man, but part of me still wants to wait. I also still have the first time anxieties, cum disgusts me for some weird reason (which makes me feel immature), and I think I can speak for most women when I say- the penis is not the most attractive part of a man lol. Another part of me wants to make him feel good and express my love. I’m not asking if I should or shouldn’t have sex. I realize that’s a decision for us to make. I would like anyone to share some their perspectives, tips, advice, things to take into consideration that I may not have thought of, and personal experiences because I’m on the fence. Thank you!

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Re: Another 1st Time Post
« Reply #1 on: December 09, 2018, 07:05:41 AM »
I feel you!
Well although I had a "first time" I was pressured for about a year by my former partner, until I gave up waiting to feel ready and decided to do it to shut him up, claiming to myself that I was ready. It was an awful decision, obviously!
With this I want to say, even if I cannot provide a helpful first time story (mine was definitely not a "normal" one and I don't want to tell you about it and give you wrong ideas). I want to reassure you to never feel pressured to do it. Now, in my early twenties and with another partner (we've been together for almost 2 years) I have no pressure of doing that, ans I still don't feel ready (the same fears you have, plus I'm not economically ready, if an accident happened, to have a baby). I'm also catholic, and was raised very religiously so I have all those desires of waiting for the right man, maybe waiting until marriage, guilt, etc...
my advice is to keep waiting until you feel ready, I'm glad you have an understanding partner. and PS: cum is kinda disgusting! Hahhaaha

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Re: Another 1st Time Post
« Reply #2 on: December 11, 2018, 12:53:09 AM »
This is relatable!