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Ex boyfriend help
« on: January 08, 2019, 02:45:32 PM »
     So let me begin by fully explaining the situation. A few months ago I posted here about my then boyfriend and current ex punching a wall. I broke up with him not long after that post and it was all good for a week or two. But then he started showing up to my dorm uninvited and acting like we never broke up, but chewed me out over the phone blaming me for ruining his birthday and upcoming Thanksgiving break. When he got mad over his birthday he showed up to my dorm in a rage while we were on the phone to continue chewing me out in person and then cried on my shoulder for a few hours. I wasn’t expecting anyone so I just opened it thinking it was my RA. During Thanksgiving break, he called me 55 times, tried to video chat me, and messaged me multiple times via text/various social media platforms. Some of it was alarming, but no threats of harm. I didn’t answer any of them. At the end of break I texted him that he needs to understand that we aren’t together anymore, he doesn’t get to just show up and call all the time, I do not exist merely to be at his beck and call, that this is harrassment and he needs to leave me alone. He still hasn’t really left me alone, saying, and I quote, “I’ll try to only talk to you when it’s important.” (Note: none of them have been important.) The whole relationship and break up caused a whole lot of grief, nightmares, and anxiety. Somehow, he still thinks we’re likely to get back together. No, just no.

     Now, he is back saying that his parents bought me some chocolates over winter break even though he tried to stop them and he wants to meet up to give them to me. I don’t really buy it. I’m not sure how to respond since I definitely don’t want anything to do with him but I don’t want to make it worse. Sorry for the wall of text. Any help would be greatly appreciated.