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« on: January 29, 2019, 08:46:26 PM »
So I recently started taking Provera in December, I got AF Dec 16-21, Dr. told me to take it again Jan 1st for 7 days, i got AF on Jan 10-17th, has unprotected intercourse on Jan 20th, not sure if I was fertile nor ovulation because according to DR. I am not ovulating every month. On my calendar however if I was on a regular cycle, I would have been fertile and my Ovulation date would be on Jan 22, a week later on the 27th I noticed I had very light pink when I would wipe, never stained underwear, 28th and today 29th, same thing. Faintly pink with just a little bit of red mostly from discharge, 29th was little heavier. I am not expecting my period until Feb. 7th. I am confused if this an early light period, implantation bleeding, etc.? I took a 88cent test from Walmart and it was negative but did see a faint line but then disappeared. I am just very confused if I may be pregnant since I am taking currently taking supplements for working out and don’t know if I should stop. Any got any advice or might know what’s going?