Author Topic: Too young for sex??  (Read 19 times)

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Too young for sex??
« on: March 17, 2019, 08:28:37 AM »
I’m 14, my birthday is next month and I’ll be 15. My boyfriend is 14 and won’t be 15 until September. We’ve been together a few months now and to blatantly say it, we’re ticklish. I really want to have sex, and I know he does too. We’re both patient and I know we can wait a while before we would actually do anything, but it’s at the point where if we were alone together and one of us brought it up, it could definitely happen. Age of consent is 16, so I know we’re young, but I’m falling in love with him and it’s something I want from our relationship. My only concerns are 1) definitely don’t want to get pregnant  2) are we too young? I don’t want to rush into this and make a mistake I’ll regret. I trust this guy so much, and I know he’d never cheat or tell anyone if it happened but I just can’t help think that we are too young to want this or do this.

I am openly encouraging any opinions and suggestions on the matter, just please don’t be rude. If you need more information then let me know and I can try to elaborate as best I can. Thanks!
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