Author Topic: Pink/Brown Discharge when i should be on my period?  (Read 390 times)

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Pink/Brown Discharge when i should be on my period?
« on: April 15, 2019, 06:54:51 AM »
Hello everyone,
I’m new to this forum but have been using this app for years. I have been looking everywhere for answers but can’t find any so wondered if any of you could help me.

I have been trying to get pregnant for quite some time now i have been sexual on my ovulation dates and have never been successful. My periods are very regular 28day cycles. I am always have heavy periods but this time i was due for saturday and my period was creamy/light pink. The second day (had no discharge all night only when i wipe) I had light brown when i wipe. And now it is the 3rd day and its still brown discharge this has never happened to me before at all. I have asked the pharmacy they told me i may be pregnant but i done a test and it came back negative. so wondered if anyone else had this problem? As i want to be excited just incase i am or maybe this is normal and no luck again?