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« on: July 10, 2019, 10:30:31 AM »
 So my best friend, let’s call her Hannah, we’ve been friends for nearly 7 years and throughout those seven years we never fought or had any trouble in our friendship.  We always made promises that if one of us was being picked on or bullied we’d always stand up for each other and I believed that. 

So long story short a couple nights ago I get a text from two of my friends saying some girl that claims to know me is calling them names and being rude along with another girl over insta.  They said that these girls claim to know a lot about them and they were scared.  I personally was very confused  and found out that my friend Hannah and her friend Laura   We’re trolling people I know over Instagram. 

This made me mad so I called my friend Hannah out saying that she needs to stop it’s not funny and that her friend has no business in my personal life.  I called Laura, Hannah’s friend psychotic.  Long story short the next day me and my  Close friend Hannah work things out and apologize to one another but my friend wanted me to apologize for calling Laura psychotic so she made a group chat. 

I had no problem apologizing because I was ready to Move on,  but since I wasn’t the only one in the wrong I asked all of us to apologize to each other.  And Laura said “HELL NO I AINT APOLOGIZING TO THIS B-TCH” and started attacking me with names like “YOUR A P$SSY FACE D!CK” and “HOPE YOU CRAWL INTO SOMEONE’S AS$HOLE AND DIE”.

  At first I tried to not react so I replied with “.?.”  But Laura just kept going and I have never even met her.  What really made me mad is that my friend Hannah just sat there on the side of her friend Laura and didn’t stand up for me one bit.  That made me upset because I knew her for nearly 7 years and counted her as family.

 So I  asked Hannah if the reason she wasn’t defending me was because she was scared of losing Laura. And she didn’t respond to that.  I got mad and started to talk back but not in the way Laura did I did it in a more grown-up way. 

Hannah then said stuff like “This is expected from laura, she is my best friend. But honestly i didn’t think you would fall so low” and “you need to apologize to her right now”.  So basically the two girls said everything was my fault even though they were the ones who went into my personal life and started trolling people I know.

  And I try to fix things again with Hannah but honestly I don’t want to friend like that in my life what should I do does anyone have any advice for me please help.

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« Reply #1 on: July 11, 2019, 05:35:22 AM »
You've been friends with Hannah for a long time. I would like to believe there's a good reason why she's defending Laura when she's being so toxic. If I were you, I'd probably ask Hannah, in person and in private, what is really going on. My uneducated guess is that Laura probably has some issues or sth at home or personally and Hannah feels too sorry for her. Either way, in your position I wouldn't try to befriend Laura, just fix things with Hannah and mention this agreement you guys did and everything. See how that works for you and let us know!