Author Topic: Ideas please?!  (Read 685 times)

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Ideas please?!
« on: March 18, 2012, 12:04:35 PM »
I'm moving in the summer with a friend into an apartment and rele need help with some ideas for the living room, kitchen, bedroom bathroom etc... Nothing too girly bc my fiancé will be living with me too. Please anything will help I have no clue how to start!!

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Re: Ideas please?!
« Reply #1 on: March 18, 2012, 05:08:48 PM »
My ideas would be
- kitchen
Simple colour combinations and classic furniture, I've always loved really rustic homly kitchens with modern touches
- bedroom
One of the largest walls with a stunning wallpaper with maybe floral prints or anything to your taste and then for the other walls a plain colour such as white cream or brown which goes with the feature wall x i love French themed white furniture which is slightly distressed I have it in my room and have a turquoise wallpapered wall with patterns on it and a light chocolate brown painted walls I really love it and everyone thinks its stunning.
Bathroom -
I like dark wood/tiled surfaces and cabinets, it contrasts with the white bath or shower, very curved edges for the bath or shower, toilet and sink x lots of mirrors but not with edges as this can over clash colours and prints.
If you prefer more modern but stunning style you could try something like this - old fashioned shaped white bath with the gold feet, modern shower with tiles inside, a feature wall with even tiger or zebra prints in it, and for the toilet seat, sparkly ;)
For some rooms I think it's nice to have very plain colours like black and white and brown and then have that standing out colour that is used in rugs, pictures, cusions, etc. like hot pink or red or electric blue but don't go over board with too many different colours x
Hope I helped ;)
I think I want to be an interior designer now haha
Chloë <3