Author Topic: EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT  (Read 15840 times)

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« on: February 21, 2013, 12:50:02 am »
Okay so this is supposed to be an understand post for everyone on this forum.

Basically their have been numerous arguments made by users (myself included) who disagree with posts that affiliate towards teen pregnancy, underage sex, religions and the advise or opinions given with those category's.

Listen WE will always have our differences and view posts differently and have our OWN entitled option whether or be right or wrong.

In my eyes theirs two ways of giving advise/opinions.
Their is a harsh, criticism, realistic point of view where reality is given as an opinion.
Then their is the sugar coated advise that is the complete opposite of the above perhaps a tad bit nicer then above.

These two are ALWAYS used in any advise/opinion that is given but its often the harsh, critical opinion that is often viewed as an expression of judgement which isn't the case.
It is always misinterpreted and therefore people DO get worked up and insulted and try to name and shame other parties.

Which is completely reasonable and understandable.

I believe we should all just accept that their isn't always going to be an opinion or advise that we can agree on.

Lets just be open minded to that fact and hopefully we can all learn to understand that and get along with spitting in each others faces.

Thank you for reading :)