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My story
« on: May 07, 2013, 06:23:44 pm »
Hi I'm 26 a mother of a wonderful 6 year old boy. And engaged to the most amazing man. He works hard everyday for twelve hours then comes home and works for another four hours for a friend. I cannot work due to back issues and TTC. When I say he is amazing, it's because he does work these long days but manages to still WANT to cook dinner every night for us, take time to snuggle and read bedtime stories, watch movies, play, and a whole lot more. He is a machine lol. No matter how tired he is, he manages to find time to do everything in his power to make us happy. Is he real? Absolutely lol! As for me, we'll I do everything a loving mother and, well, wife does. I know you know what I meAn lol. But due to my previous back injuries I can only do so much which is hard at times. Guess I feel like I don't do enough. Not true though, house is spotless everyday, laundry is done, any and everything that needs to be done at home is done. Yard included.
I'm so very very happy, but due to emotions and AF showing up I've been feeling sad and a lil off. I should stop babbling my nonsense. How many of you haves similar story? Intrigued to hear and make a friend or two as I live in the middle of nowhere and surrounded by no one like me lol.