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Title: Boy trouble
Post by: Rachisgr8 on October 01, 2018, 10:59:36 PM
So I dated this one boy on& off for about 4 years. During my senoir year of highschool he got another girl pregnant and that was the end. It was what I needed to get out of the relationship. My ex and I are in the same friend group to some extent. It’s a big group of people and all our siblings, so my brother is in it as well. Anyways so one night I was this party with my ex and he introduced to me his friend M. I didn’t think much of it, I thought he was cute but not more. After me and my ex ended things I started to see M more. I would run into at places near me. We even went to a concert with our group of friends. This was at the beginning of summer. As I joke I told my friends my goal of summer was to have sex with him.I didn’t think much of him. Then in August he slide into my DMs saying how he thought I was very cute and what not. We started to talk more and even hung out. We went riding a coulple of times. I was getting ready to leave for college and didnt know what to think about him. On my last day in town I went to this concert and he came too. I spent the entire concert with him. My brother told him to watch me and make sure nothing happened to me. Near the end of the concert we had a make out session in the woods. Then in the car ride home we wanted to hang more so I slept as his house. We had sex that night and talked a lot. I don’t really remember much of the conversation because we both were really drunk. I do remember us talking about dating, and I straight up told this boy to f*** other girls. I don’t remember what he said. In the morning he took my home and I went to college. I go home every weekend and we try to make plans to hang out but we both are busy. The first weekend I was home I saw him for a little we got food. Recently he just stopped talking to me and I don’t know what go do. Plz help
Title: Re: Boy trouble
Post by: MaryKay on October 03, 2018, 12:17:10 AM
Wow. You should have talked to him about y’alls status. Now it’s probably too late, and it’s for the best because you’re in college. Hope this helps : )
Title: Re: Boy trouble
Post by: イザベル on October 26, 2018, 03:47:16 AM
Sounds like the last real conversation you had with him was when you told him to just see other girls, and you don’t remember what he said as a response.

First think—what is he to you? Do you really like him, want a casual relationship or just want to see more of him as a friend?

Once you got that figured out, talk to him. You’ll never know what’s going on until you straight up clarify your relationship.

But I will say, now that you’re in college it’s a good chance to pursue new relationships. Don’t let this bump keep you from enjoying life.