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Title: Am I pregnant??
Post by: Tobish01 on October 10, 2018, 04:31:42 AM
After my last period ended, I had sex and he didn’t finish inside but around my vagina. I’ve been on birth control for almost a year now and I take it regularly. I took my pill immediately after it happened even though i know that might not be work. I just finished up my normal period this last weekend. Normal 5 days. Ever since I restarted the pill again, I have some weird cramping or feeling in my lower abdomen. It’s slightly concerning since I’ve never had it before and it doesn’t feel like period cramping. Could I possibly be pregnant? Should I take a test?
Title: Re: Am I pregnant??
Post by: Periodstuff on October 10, 2018, 12:48:13 PM
You should keep taking the pill. Always continue taking your pill. The cramping is probably something totally different.

The pill stops ovulation, if you don’t ovulate you don’t get pregnant.

You just had your “bleed” (technically not actually a “period” but a “withdrawal bleed”) that means you were on the “sugar” non active pills.
And just started back or about to start the active pill again.

Let’s just say he DID cum inside you, what happens is his sperm is alive and continues to be alive inside you for up to a week waiting for an egg to be released.

Now if you for any reason forget to start the pill again THIS is the Danger Zone! Because you’ve had that week without the hormone then you have a couple of extra days your body will release an egg... the sperm is there waiting and bam!
Now you remembered your pill, you took it properly so you shouldn’t have ovulated. No ovulation, no pregnancy.

Just so you know, that’s how the morning after pill works, it’s actually just a strong dose of the pill that stops your body from releasing an egg long enough for the sperm inside you to die so they can’t meet. (But will then go on to release an egg each month)