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Title: 31 days late BFN HELP!!
Post by: ChelseaMitchell96 on February 01, 2019, 09:53:48 AM
Hi ladies,I just need some help and advice, I am 31 days late. My first day of my last period was 4/12/2018 lasted 4 days. I was then due My new period 1/01/2019. I had all the signs my period was coming such as back ache, constant headaches, slight stomach cramps, slight tender breasts at the sides, growing pains in my thighs and back of my legs. But still this hasn’t appeared. Which makes me 31 days late. When I was 14 days late I had quite a lot of watery clear stretchy discharge. I haven’tcome on a new cycle yet. But starting to get all the symptoms again and I am now getting clear stretchy discharge again. I’ve had several BFN. My doctor said it’s quite normal to skip a period but if I ain’t even coming on a new cycle that could mean I’ll be missing a second period. I may test again shortly and if it’s still a BFN I will go to my doctors where she will give me some medication to urge my period to start. I’ve never had this before so any advice is helpful. :)
Title: Re: 31 days late BFN HELP!!
Post by: Mama2RossnFraz on May 04, 2019, 02:49:38 PM
Hi did you get your period back? I’m currently 2 weeks late with cramps, sore breasts and super grumpy but still getting Negative tests