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TTC / Re: TTC buddy
« on: Today at 01:15:59 PM »
Thanks girls... I’m so scared for this new injection but hopefully looking at egg collection this weekend.

I agree with Angela colds can be a sign of pregnancy and for a lot of people it’s the first sign that’s before they know they are pregnant. I have heard about low immunity helping with conceiving too as some people with high no cells etc they are given drugs to lower immunity whilst trying. I was told to get my flu jab 10 days before transfer for me as it can help they are currently studying it in America but don’t publish the results till next year.

TTC / Re: TTC buddy
« on: Today at 08:04:43 AM »
So bloods came back good so I start my second lot of injections tonight which are meant to be more painful and a lot more side effects. I had my training on how to do them this morning and now sat at home crying one more shot which is a film on Netflix about ttc and ivf. I think it’s really put things into perspective for me and what I am about to go through.

TTC / Re: TTC buddy
« on: November 12, 2018, 04:47:41 PM »
Hi yeah I look like I’m about 4 months pregnant right now. Scan went okay. I am still bleeding so they have took bloods again and unfortunately they didn’t get the back today so will call in the morning. My lining is still managing to thicken and my follicles are growing but not as much as they would  like so will find out what’s happening next tomorrow.

TTC / Re: TTC buddy
« on: November 11, 2018, 05:49:59 PM »
Hi Angela. Yeah I get what you mean about the in laws and having a relationship with them. Like I said I am lucky to have an amazing relationship with my future mother in law. I am back at the clinic in the morning to check if we can still continue and start the next lot of injections or if they hit the stop button. It is so nerve racking but I’ve dont everything I can and I have been relaxed and walked a lot and drank pomegranate juice even though I really don’t like it. I am still bleeding but it seems to be a little less today and no cramps so hoping to wake up tomorrow with no bleeding. My belly is very bloated and huge right now I look pregnant which is horrible under the circumstances but about to do day 7 injection.
How is everyone else doing?

TTC / Re: TTC buddy
« on: November 10, 2018, 06:12:01 PM »
F*** the in laws. Haha. Hope you and hubby are okay though as that’s the main thing.

TTC / Re: TTC buddy
« on: November 10, 2018, 08:55:33 AM »
Yeah that’s seems a good idea. I think that is what is wrong with the house we looked at as there is no parking for it. You would have to park further down the road which isn’t ideal. I suspect in future the may get rid of the grass bit and add parking as they have done on the next street over but we don’t drive yet so that wouldn’t be a massive thing for us but wouldn’t be great when we do. Would have to put the baby in the pram just to get to the car. The flat I’ve seen though looks nice and I even like the wallpaper in the bedroom as it what I had when I lived with my mum. Only thing I’d want to change is carpets and kitch cupboard doors as they are old fashioned. It’s a first floor flat but has it’s own door and car space outside the door. Just waiting to see what’s up after Christmas.

TTC / Re: TTC buddy
« on: November 10, 2018, 02:36:01 AM »
Ah that’s great Angela. But not about the mother in law. I think I hit lucky with mine we get on so well it’s great to have with my family not living close.

No we’re still saving there is a nice flat and a really nice house close by so aiming for a deposit around there. That’s why I have don’t my Christmas shopping early so it’s all done and we can just keep saving now. I don’t want the fuss of it over Christmas so we have said we will just keep saving and not really look till the new year. Then in January if they are both still up we will go see them both as I’m a little concerned about both being up a while. Especially the house cause it’s just been completely refurbished and it’s stunning also cheaper by £20,000 then the house up the road sold for. I am wondering if it’s just because of parking as you would have to park either up the road a bit or in the back square but there is no back gate. Either that or it says offers over and the seller is looking for way over because they did accept a offer a while ago but sale fell through.

TTC / Re: TTC buddy
« on: November 09, 2018, 06:30:26 PM »
Hi guys so good news they are letting me continue till Monday as my estrogen is only slightly raised. I have had lots of cramping today and been drinking lots of pomegranate juice as it’s meant to help thicken your lining and lower estrogen. Going to try and relax and have plenty of long baths over the weekend too. Honestly this whole thing is a rollercoaster with today being one of my worse. Even managed to pull the end out the syringe and spill out all my injections and had to use a new one but now I’m going to have to get more next time I’m in clinic or I will run out. All I can do is take the next few days a day at a time and relax.

Angela I’m sure the in laws will be fine if there anything like my mother in law when we argue or when we split up she automatically asks what he’s done. My partner avoided my parents for nearly 6 months after we got back together though cause he was scared haha. At the end of the day arguments happen if they don’t it’s not a comfortable marriage bickering  are what shows you care xx

TTC / Re: TTC buddy
« on: November 09, 2018, 08:41:30 AM »
Honestly Angela I agree with what your doing. We did the same I still went to the clinic and we still didn’t use protection but for the first few months back together I didn’t track ovulation and we had plenty of fun make up sex, haha. People can think what they want but you know what’s best for you and your situation.

Scan didn’t go well today. They are plenty of follicles and of a good size but not too big so not why I’m bloated. She said the meds can make you thirsty and I’ve been just drinking too much because of that so my body is storing the water. My bleeding is getting heavier and they have said at this point it should be spotting at most as it’s still shedding my lining and they want it to be getting thicker. I had bloods done to see what they show as she thinks my body may be trying to have a period still. I will get the results between 3-5 and we could be told to stop ivf or to wait and see what happens over the weekend and go back Monday. I feel like I’m going to just break down, they have messed us about so much. They should of done the scan in July when I asked but wouldn’t cause it was day 3 instead of two but did a day 3 scan this time. I could of been pregnant by now instead I feel like I’m just going round in circles.

TTC / Re: TTC buddy
« on: November 09, 2018, 01:29:51 AM »
Hi so today’s scan is to check my lining as it should be starting to get thicker now, and also to check my follicles. They will be looking to count the follicles in both ovaries and measure them in size. I’m not sure of the size they are looking for today. My right side feels sore the most at the minute so thinking that may be the bigger one as it was last time I had a scan. My belly is huge at the minute and so bloated I look like I’m about 4 month pregnant. But the outcome mainly today is to see if my doses are correct, they may have me start me next lot or may keep me on the ones I’m in already. I’m confused about it all tbh as I’m bleeding heavier now with clots and from what I’m experiencing I’m already overstimulating so I’m scarred of ending up in hospital but hoping for egg collection next Monday as I think that’s the earliest I can have it and that’s the point I’m most likely to be hospitalised a few hours or days later.

TTC / Re: TTC buddy
« on: November 08, 2018, 02:55:26 PM »
Hey guys how is everyone doing?
Last nights injection hurt whilst doing it and really stung after which it hadn’t in the says before. Then today I have been getting bad pains, my stomach is bloated to a point I was asked if I was pregnant. To top it off I’m on a 9 hour shift which is really not great. I’m at the clinic tomorrow so trying to hold off but I’m scared I am already over stimulating and if I am I still have a while to go so it’s only going to get worse.
It’s horrible just not know what’s going on with my own body. The information booklet says to seek medical attention if bloated bad but doesn’t have bleeding as a side effect and my period is getting heavier. People I ask seem to think the bleeding is normal but if it is why is it not listed as a side effect. I’m driving myself crazy at the minute I’m so scared that something will go wrong and I won’t be able to continue or it won’t work xxx

TTC / Re: TTC buddy
« on: November 06, 2018, 04:26:20 AM »
Ah it’s not great that this is being dragged out for you angela. Hopefully won’t be long time back on negative.

I used to be scared of needles till I started at the clinic but then I’ve had regular bloods took for two years now. I was scared but it was okay tbh I’ve got no bruise either which is good. I think it’s just not knowing that’s scary and I did pull it out when I first put it in cause I was scared but just took a breathe and went again. Tbh at this point I would do anything to have a baby and when I have that in mind the needles seem easy.

TTC / Re: TTC buddy
« on: November 06, 2018, 01:32:22 AM »
I agree with Angela still track the bleed, settled girl. Or ask when your at the hospital if they can check your bloods to see if it’s a period.

Hi Angela, yeah my partner was going to do them and was here but he was too scared to do it. It’s wasnt too bad it bled a little but there is a girl in one of my Facebook groups who also started last night and hers did too so think it’s normal. Now to just keep going and see what happens Friday xx

TTC / Re: TTC buddy
« on: November 05, 2018, 06:17:48 PM »
Hi girls. Yeah Angela I completely agree with you that’s what it was with me and my partner and the break did us good, it made us talk more and get what we needed too off our chests. Just take it day at a time and have a look i to councilling in the mean time for yourself to get yourself into a better place.

Settled girl I was told you know it’s your period when blood or discharge is thick and stringy or bring as that’s when the lining sheds.

And little updated so I’ve stayed away for a few days as it’s been hard few days. So Friday was my grandad funeral and when in the church I started spotting so called the clinic and had a lining scan this morning. Lining is 6mm and recommended is 5mm but since it was 18 a few weeks ago they did bloods and hormones were fine. At 11pm tonight I had my first injection (screams with excitement) back for a scan on Friday. Also found out today that my friend has kept her journey a secret and is also looking to start ivf in the next few weeks.

TTC / Re: TTC buddy
« on: November 03, 2018, 11:00:17 AM »
Aw Angela that’s a horrible situation to be in. No one has the smoothest relationship my nana has always told me bickering is a good thing because it shows you care. Honestly I’m heartbroken for you in my situation I spent the night alone then my mum drove 4 hours to get me the next day as I don’t have family here either. Can you not get a bit of time off and go see your mum or vice Versa? Or any friends not make the travel? Honestly if I lived closer I would come to you. Sending vertual hugs for you though hun xx

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