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TTC / Re: TTC buddy
« on: March 22, 2019, 02:12:46 PM »
Hi ladies how you all doing?
Angela how is your SIL doing? Has she been allowed home?

So update from 20 week scan. Baby was fine all through and measuring big on all parts at around 60th percentile. Although there was a problem with his heart. One of the vessels on the left side was looking smaller but the scanographer can't diagnose and can't say what's definitely wrong so waiting to see a specialist on Tuesday. There is a chance on Monday that we get a call and get asked to go in that day but there was no one in fetal medicine when they went up to check. They have put a note in my notes to say that she suspects HLH syndrome but been told not to worry or Google it which is killing me but I know it's for the best.

TTC / Re: TTC buddy
« on: March 19, 2019, 03:28:06 AM »
Yeah we can take 3 months off unpaid too. I'm not sure about that yet she said I have time to decide about that. We are doing split maternity so I'm having 6 months and my OH is having 3 months then I may take the extra 3 depending on situation. We get 20 keeping in touch days so I've said if I can take all 20 instead of 10 each I will take the extra 3 months and use them to do the odd shifts. My OH is looking for a new job once he's on his time off so I can be home more with baby and concentrate on my business. So hopefully when I do go back to work il only be doing my 8 hours a week

TTC / Re: TTC buddy
« on: March 18, 2019, 09:13:59 AM »
I agree with Angela settled girl. I was always told have sex every other day leading to ovulation but a day or so before due and a day or two after positive opk to have sex every day.

Angela that's great news that she might get to go home and hopefully baby moves into a better position.
Yes so with tesco I get 6 weeks full pay, 8 weeks enhanced, 11 weeks half pay or statuary whichever is higher and then the rest is statutory. I will get a letter after 24 weeks that will tell me exactly what I get. Today we got our move in date of the 5th so today I've started to pack a few things like the baby clothes we have and been getting rid of things we really don't need. Going to take my spare injections and sharps box back to the hospital tomorrow which is making me a bit emotional.

TTC / Re: TTC buddy
« on: March 17, 2019, 03:50:57 AM »
Yeah the one in Birmingham is huge. It's the same place they host the clothes road show and the venue is massive. Too far for me to travel though so I've just been looking for good deals online etc and our mothercare is waiting for a closing date so I'm waiting for that to go get the last bits.

It's good that she is being positive it's still possible for baby to be born live and well at that stage so it's the best way to be. But yeah I agree when alone she probably is scared because it's still very daunting to go through.

My maternity pay is now being calculated so I have a very busy 6 weeks as taking as many hours as I can do. It's also the end of the tax year so if I can get a higher pay it means I will get a higher bonus. If I'm a bit inactive this will be why. Will still update you all after my scan on Friday and will be reading when I can just may not respond.

TTC / Re: TTC buddy
« on: March 16, 2019, 05:19:04 AM »
Thoughts are with you and your family Angela. Hopefully baby will stay in there for as long as possible. It my friend lost her waters with her first too and she managed 3 weeks before they induced her.

Yeah I had a glucose test last week assuming it's fine as haven't had a call and they didn't say anything when I went in the other day. Have another one in May.

Settledgirl good luck for your interview.

Zalee good luck for this cycles your follicles are good size. I had 4 the same size for ivf and got 4 eggs out of them.

TTC / Re: TTC buddy
« on: March 15, 2019, 10:40:13 AM »
Yeah it's higher in early pregnancy as you cervix can be irritated by the transfer. Plus a higher chance of haematomas due to the same reason. Plus we have to take progesterone for the first trimester for me I stopped at around 7 weeks as my levels were high enough some continue till 12 weeks and some a bit longer. When you stop them especially if a pessary a lot of people say they have had a bleed or some people have bleeds using them. I guess our bodies take a little longer to build progesterone. But it depends on circumstances too like some people that have ivf have endometriosis and heard that it is higher risk of bleeding for them as their cervix xan be irritated very easily.

TTC / Re: TTC buddy
« on: March 15, 2019, 04:23:52 AM »
Glad to here your still ttc Settledgirl. Hopefully you will find a new job soon too.

Angela so glad your at a lot more positive stage in the pregnancy. And great to here about the house. I was the same as you and spent so many days crying thinking it wasn't going to happen and I should just give up and so glad I didn't.

So we had a very up and down day yesterday that turned out to be a great day. Yesterday my partner called to say he wasn't well and was coming home from work, I then went to the toilet and the brown blood had started again but there was a big clot that was red. We went to MAU and the said everything looked fine with my cervix and they can see another clot but no active bleeding and we heard the little man's heart beat. We then got a call from our estate agent to say the landlord has accepted us to move into the house so we're over the moon. Just waiting to get all our paperwork sorted this week to find out a move in date but should be at the start of April.

TTC / Re: TTC buddy
« on: March 11, 2019, 12:30:00 PM »
Yeah I tend to snack on fruit at home or yogurts but at work we're technically not allowed food so it's usually little sweets that I can quickly eat haha.

I know not heard a lot from others at the minute how's everyone's ttc journeys going?

TTC / Re: TTC buddy
« on: March 11, 2019, 04:26:00 AM »
Yeah that's how I feel Angela. Like sometimes I can be starving and can never finish a meal but majority of the time I don't feel hungry till I'm at the point I'm feeling week. I have been carrying sweets or chocolates in my jacket at work so I can have a few during my shifts to keep me going.

TTC / Re: TTC buddy
« on: March 10, 2019, 11:50:37 AM »
Thanks Angela. Hopefully I don't have it, but if I do it will be okay. Having a lot of growing today but a lot more subtle.

The baby show is meant to be good so hopefully you will find some good deals. I have heard pregnancy yoga is meant to be really good but at the minute I don't really have time. Still haven't managed to get going swimming again. But at the same time I'm not putting on much weight although I look like I have but for the past week I've had a big loss in appetite and mostly eating because I know I need to.

TTC / Re: TTC buddy
« on: March 09, 2019, 05:34:47 PM »
Sorry to hear of the bad luck Settledgirl and about your uncle. I agree with you I have changed jobs 4 times since we started ttc and like you said it's not worth putting everything on hold as you don't know what will happen. Wish you luck in your ttc.
Zalee glad to hear you are getting back on the right track and that you feel your medication is working again this month. I know financial difficulties can be hard that was part of the reason me and my partner moved back in with his mum as we wanted to clear some debts we had. You just never know what's round the corner.

So little update on me, my brown bleeding has finally stopped today. We went and listened to baby's heartbeat on Thursday and he is still doing okay. I'm starting to feel movements stronger and officially think he's a giant my bump is getting so big already. When we went to listen to the heartbeat my midwife did the normal urine sample tests which came back high for glucose so spent Friday morning having the test at the hospital hoping to hear back Monday. Also waiting to hear if the landlord accepts us as tenants on the house. Think that's all.

How you doing Angela? And everyone else?

TTC / Re: TTC buddy
« on: March 03, 2019, 04:35:09 AM »
Hi ladies.
Glad your scan went well Angela, when is your next one?

Zalee sorry it hasn't worked but glad to see your looking at the positives side that you have found the right dosage of medication.

Jessie sorry to hear that I know every period is a disappointment.

I'm okay been having spotting of brown blood since Thursday. Called MAU but with it being old blood they said just to go to my gp. My gp isn't great with pregnancy stuff so I've booked in with the midwife on Tuesday as I'd rather get to hear his heartbeat then just be told my cervix is shut.

We've also got a house viewing this week it's not council so is more expensive but manageable. They are looking to either rent or sell so we're going to see if they will allow us to rent for the next 2 years and then possibly sell to us once we have the deposit together. It's literally the perfect house, and is only round the corner from his mums like you could climb on the garage at the back of his mums garden and jump into the back garden of the house. Will make moving a lot cheaper too.

TTC / Re: TTC buddy
« on: February 24, 2019, 11:26:26 AM »
That's great Angela.

I am doing fine we had our gender scan today and found out we're having a baby boy. So over the moon I nearly cried when she said it was a boy. He's still doing well too, which is great.

TTC / Re: TTC buddy
« on: February 21, 2019, 05:55:12 PM »
Hey ladies, so been a bit unactive this week as we had a scare on Monday. At around 5ish I felt really wet all of a sudden liek I had wet myself without realising so went to the toilet and there was a large amount of frsh blood that was watery. Called my OH to get him to come home and Called MAU then got a taxi straight there. After the gush there was just a bit of spotting and blood on the toilet role. We waited 5 and half hours and hadn't seen a doctor to be told they had just gone into theatre. Sitting in a little room not know what was happening really didn't help so we discharged ourself to go back early Tuesday as niether of us had eaten and were getting frustrated. After about a hour of being at home there was another gush of blood but this time it was thick red blood. We basically just gave up hope at that point. Tuesday we got back to the hospital and I had an examination but they couldn't see anything to be a problem. When I spoke to the doctor and said it was weird because the blood was watery she instantly said she wanted to give me an ultrasound and admit me to the ward as she thought my waters had gone. Thankfully they got us a scan very quickly and baby was still okay and had plenty of fluid. She then asked if I'd prefer to be kept in or go home. I chose home because I just wanted some sleep and to be with my OH. Bleeding finally stopped fully today and under strict instructions to go straight in if I have any bleeding no matter how small and I will be admitted for 24 hours to be monitored. Been re referred to consultant and they have asked to see about growth scans as it was a significant size bleed. Today I saw my midwife and got to hear baby's heartbeat she said I can go back at any point to have a Listen and keep my mind at ease. She also said if we got to MAU and are left for longer then a hour and half before being seen to call her and she will come straight up to the hospital. How's everyone doing?

TTC / Re: TTC buddy
« on: February 17, 2019, 02:57:42 AM »
Ah where we live they pretty much strip it all and paint it white. Or if they don't paint it white your given a paint package. We have always been private so going to be different but we're also probably going to do room by room. Depends how long we have my mum and step mum here for as they are both good decorators and would rather use them while we can. We have some wallpaper for living room and kitchen in our storage as I got too much for kitchen in the old house and never ended up putting it up in living room. So hoping that will be two quick fixes. Nursery were going to take slow and do bit by bit but we have most furniture to go in just needs decorating but we don't have a theme yet.

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