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Relationships / Ever fallen for your best friend?
« on: December 06, 2018, 10:37:47 am »

Relationships / Falling for my best friend
« on: April 01, 2018, 01:51:11 pm »

Relationships / Ex boyfriend and what to do
« on: February 03, 2018, 10:32:38 am »

Just for teens / What should I do?
« on: January 12, 2018, 09:59:01 am »

Relationships / How to get closure after a break up?
« on: January 05, 2018, 10:04:28 am »

Just for teens / Are condoms ok to use without a back up?
« on: August 03, 2017, 11:49:25 am »
Are condoms effective and safe enough to use by themselves? What would you recommend for a back up if you think it's better to have that as well. I'm 17 btw.

Just for teens / Work and school + relationship= Help!
« on: January 27, 2017, 11:29:25 am »
So I'm going into grade 11 and where I live is one of the most important years of your education. I have a job and I've had the same job for about 3 years. With this job I would work Sundays (10-5pm) Mondays and Tuesdays after school. I found that it was a good fit because I could see my bf on Saturdays and we could spend the day together. This job is also pretty easy going and if I need to on Sundays they let me bring in notes and stuff so I can study when I'm not busy working but the only problem with this job is that it doesn't pay that well. I don't really need money it's just good for me to have because my family is going through some financial issues and one day soon I would like to buy myself a car (I'm 16 and have my Ls). My Aunty and uncle own a food business and I have recently gone and worked for them because they needed people. They are now offering me a position there to work all day Saturdays and maybe Wednesdays after school. I was going to take off Mondays from my other job so I could have a free day to focus on studying and stuff but my mum wants me to work with my Aunty and uncle because the pay is better and my Aunty and uncle really want me to work for them. My mum wants me to work Saturdays with my Aunty and uncle and work half a day on Sundays at my other job and for me to work Tuesdays at my other job because it works out well with my school timetable because I get to leave school early on that day. But idk if I want to work the whole weekend because i think it will be too much if I work the whole weekend and not have any time to work on assignments and see my boyfriend (he goes to a different school so we would always see each other on Saturdays and we can't see each other during the week because of our parents). So yeah idk what to do my life is just muddled up. Sorry for the long life story hahaha. Any advice? Thank you in advance :)

Just for teens / Should I leave or stay?
« on: January 24, 2017, 11:17:13 pm »
Let's get straight into it. Basically the school year is about to start and I'm going to be entering grade 11 (Australian schooling) and it's one of the most important years of my schooling before year 12. I've been at the same school for 7-10 but now my mum says she wants me and my family to move. They all wanna leave and it's all up to me if I want to or not because of my education. I know that at the school I'm at right now I will have amazing teachers and Ik that I will do well and I have all the subjects I want and I don't want to risk moving to a new school and having shit teachers and being forced to do subjects I don't want to do. Idk if I should be selfish or selfless. My mum wants us to move because she wants to get away from my dad who leaves a street away from us at the moment. And she wants to move because my brother has been bullied at the school he is at now. I have everything organized for the new school year (work, subjects, etc) and idk what to do anymore. I also have a boyfriend and he obviously doesn't want me to move because it will mean that we won't be able to see each other often and we would have to travel 2 hours away to see each other. Idk what I should do. Please help!

Just for teens / How can I be strong? (It's long)
« on: November 05, 2016, 05:06:47 am »
last weekend I had a Halloween party with my friends and others at my house and it was all good then randomly people started leaving really early and I found out they went and got drunk somewhere and left my party for alcohol (mind u we r only like 15/16 years old). I was really upset with what happened because people who I thought were my friends made excuses and lied to me to go and get drunk. This one girl I had a conversation with me about it cause she lied to me (our friendship used to be really good but ever since she got into a relationship she has changed and turned into being a really mean person) and we talked and I was still wary of her and I knew not to trust anything she said but I decided to just be civil with her. Then yesterday at school my friends told me that this other event be and this girl were planning together that people were thinking of bringing alcohol and I wasn't for that happening since we are underage and the place we are going to is paid for in my mums name and I didn't want her to get in trouble if people show up drunk there. So in our Facebook event I just made a post saying if anyone is bringing alcohol then I'll either cancel the event or kick u out of the event and then this other girl who was friends with my "untrustworthy" friend pretty much cyber bullied me on that post and was saying how I had no right to cancel anything cause I didn't organize it when in reality I organized 90% of it. I told my mum because u was really angry at this girl and she picked me up after school ended and then my mum sees my "untrustworthy" friend and asked her to come over to her for a second and my mum just asked if her friend can just see that I said nothing wrong and that the girl took it way out of proportion then my friend said ok. Then the other girl messages me saying that her mum wants to talk to mine cause my mum spoke "ill" about her when she didn't. Our mothers spoke and they were both understanding then that was then end of it. I ask my "untrustworthy" friend what she said to the girl and why she said my mum spoke "ill" about her and she said she didn't say anything. Then after about half an hour my "untrustworthy" friend messages me and says that her mum doesn't like that my mum intervened in what happened with me and this girl and that she brought her into it (she was already in it when the other girl says that my friend organized everything and not me and we're talking now about me behind my back about it). Then my "untrustworthy" friends mum and mine talk and her mum was completely rude to my mum and didn't listen to my mum explaining why she asked her to talk to the other girl (this friend of mine was pretty much family and my mum was close to her so it wasn't weird that she asked her for a favor). I am still frustrated about it and I don't want to stress about it cause I have exams this week and I'm already stressed but I can't let my "so called friend"s mum be rude to mine and get away with how she has made me feel. Idk what to do. I know I don't want to be her friend ever again but idk if I should talk to her and tell her that I will get rid of everything I did for the event and she can sort everything out or if I should just ignore her entirely. What should I do? Plus this event is less than a month away so I need to sort this out fast! And also I feel very vulnerable about this and I just don't know what I should do if they approach me and start shit. Also I have anxiety that gets pretty bad sometimes. I just feel so useless and weak. Any advice?

Just for teens / Should I stay or go? (Sorry it's long)
« on: September 29, 2016, 11:46:30 pm »
(Just read the first and last paragraph if it's too long for you to read it all. The middle is just what happened to make me feel this way)

I have been with my boyfriend for almost 2 years and recently, let's say in the past 9 months, things have been off and on. Like one minute we will be happy then the next we would be angry at each other. (Most of the time we r angry at each other). We would fight about insecurities we have or problems we have with one another e.g not showing any affection, cancelling plans (because of his mum), feeling neglected or ignored by the other person, etc.

We had another fight last night because I went to a function he invited me to with people I didn't know and he didn't make me welcome at all or introduce me to the people he was having conversations with. I made friends with the girl beside me because we introduced ourselves to each other and her sister too which was nice. I wanted to be introduced or introduce myself to everyone else but he kind of blocked me off from even getting people's names. By blocking me off as in like I was stuck in the corner of the table and when his friends beside him would talk he would turn his whole body away from me and like lean his body towards them so I couldn't see or get into conversation. And then he barely talked to me the whole time. I was pretty much sitting there the whole time listening to the conversation the guys across from me were having privately and an occasional conversation with the girl next to me.

Then I gave him the cold shoulder on our way to the cinema (the function was a dinner and movie thing) and he noticed I was upset and asked what was wrong I said nothing then when we got inside the cinema he did nothing about me being upset. He didn't talk to me or cuddle me or hold my hand or try and make me feel better.

All my life I had been excluded from conversations and making friendships with people because I was either not pretty enough, too young, etc. and I hadn't felt excluded in a while until last night and I just felt really shit about it.

 Then when I got home after the movie he just said "thanks" and I'm like "what" and then he said "thanks for ignoring me the whole time" and I couldnt believe what he was saying. I told him how I felt and everyone about last night and then he just made it about himself and said "u don't care", "u didn't want to talk to me", "if u didn't want to talk to me why did u come tonight" etc. I then blew up at him saying like how he doesn't care about me and how he neglected me the whole time and other stuff about my past then he said it was his fault and he was sorry but in the moment I just didn't want to do this anymore. He makes me feel upset a lot and ik the good things should outway the bad but I can't look past all the bad. I told him I don't know what I want with us anymore because he asked if I wanted to leave him or not and I am really confused on what to do.

I am quite young, I'm 16 and Ik I shouldn't be worrying about boys this young and stuff but things just happen and now I'm confused on if I want to continue this relationship or not. Can anyone give me any advice they can on this problem because I am really confused. Thank you and sorry it's long!

Home & Lifestyle / IBS
« on: September 28, 2016, 03:41:21 am »
hello there! I'm 16 and the other day my doctor diagnosed me with ibs. I was wondering if anyone on here also has ibs and if so how they manage it eg medication, type of diet plan you use, etc.

Just for teens / What does this mean?
« on: September 22, 2016, 10:37:05 pm »
What does it mean when ur boyfriend is texting another girl when u r with him at a school function and then you meet the girl minutes later and they are with me and are laughing about memories they have and other stuff and you are there feeling awkward? Should I feel weird about the whole situation? Also she was talking to me about how they text a fair bit and stuff and I didn't know that they did and idk what to think about it? They hang out a lot and are pretty close but even my really close friends don't text me as much as they do. Am I just overreacting or am I allowed to feel odd especially since we only see each other once a week and the rest of the time we text but haven't been texting much lately?

Just for teens / HSC
« on: July 26, 2016, 09:20:13 pm »
I'm in year 10 from Australia and because our school year will be finishing in a term and a half the school have been asking us to pick subjects for year 11 and 12 to do for our hsc. I was thinking of doing extension English (3 units) extension maths (3 units) chemistry (2 units) PDHPE (2 units) legal studies (2 units) and maybe music (2 units). I have heard that the courses I chose apart from music are really tough and draining. I was wondering if anyone who did these subjects in high school for their hsc or finals could tell me how they found it. I am really scared and nervous and I'm second guessing everything. Idk what I was to do career wise but I want it to be something like medical/law/writing.

Just for teens / Fights
« on: July 14, 2016, 02:28:23 am »
Hey guys! I get straight into it. Me and my boyfriend have been together for a year and a half and lately (about 2 months) I have noticed that we have been fighting a lot. We would go from a week of almost constant fighting to a week of none. He said it's always my fault because I'm not open to him when I feel something and i keep it to myself and I don't say anything until it becomes an issue. He has been away overseas for 5 weeks which is when most of the fights happened. Before that we would fight because he wouldn't be able to see me because his mum would say no all the time and I would get upset. I feel like it's my fault these fights happen but I feel like he isn't entirely innocent either because most of the things we fight about is over things he's done. I have tried since we have started fighting to stop and try and resolve and issue instead of arguing and I felt like I was being better but then the past week when we fought I couldn't take it and kept going off at him. We had a fight 4 days ago and because of the time zones and stuff we hadn't spoken properly for those days until yesterday. And we had an argument because I was being cold when he was being cute because I wasn't in the mood to talk about what was happening. Some people I knew passed away in the past 2 weeks and yesterday was one of the funerals. I didn't go because I wasn't close with them but it shook me up because of how they passed. I told him when it happened and he didn't really care so I didn't say anything. And also other family and friend problems I've been really stressed and upset and pms. Also when I do say something and be open with him he changes it on himself and says it's all his fault that I'm like this and I tell him to stop and he doesn't realise that when I tell him something deep and important that it shouldn't be about him. I told him in the middle of a fight to stop feeling sorry for himself and he was like what and didn't say anything else about it. I just don't know what to do or say from here on. Do I talk to him and risk another fight or do I just leave it and move on? We are both very hot headed and stubborn people btw so we get closed off and pissed off easily. I am inlove with him and I do see a future with him and what an amazing person he is and we have amazing chemistry but idk how I can open up to him and the only reason why I'm closed off to him is because he is to me. What do u guys think I should do.

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