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TTC / New to Forum, Need help!!
« on: June 11, 2018, 03:26:29 PM »
It’s a long story so please bare with me. We are past the three year mark of TTC and I am currently on clomid. We have been going to the local fertility clinic for around two years and after all tests the only outcome was I have PCOS. This hasn’t effected my egg count which is currently 126 yes wow!
My main dilemma at the moment is clomid is not meant to be used for people with unexplained infertility like myself so I am going to speak to my gp about it. Also I have really bad side effects I was dealing with it on the two rounds of 50mg then they upped to 100mg which I went along with as they said at the start of taking it it would only be for 3 cycles the side effects then got a lot worse to the point I was exhausted for around a week and have had bad pains. I did however ovulate although this was taken without a period between this and the 50mg as bloods were baseline. I have my pregnancy blood test on Friday but not holding any hope. How can I get them to move on to IVF they have already said we are eligible but holding off as we’re still young (21& 22) Also as they are expecting ivf would give us triplets or more but surely that’s our risk and something we have come to terms with.

Just so all facts are here we try to have sex 3-4 times a week but when on 100mg this wasn’t possible. I also had a miscarriage with my son nearly 6 years ago but was with a different person and I was using contraceptives at that time.

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