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« on: August 08, 2018, 05:22:15 PM »
Anyone that could give me some kind of answer would be so helpful!!! So I’m 17 and I just started the birth control pill for the first time on 7-14 my bf and I had sex on 7-20 the condom broke and he came inside of me. I took a Plan B that day 30 minutes after it happened. I started bleeding 8 days after, it was dark red- blackish. I have continued to bleed since then (12 days) it began to get heavier and red with small clots. Then these past 2 days it has just been brown and really light. I had severe cramps the first couple days. During the time it was heavy there were days it could fill a tampon. If I wasn’t on the pill, I’d be starting my period 2 days ago on 8-5 so I took a first response early pregnancy test yesterday and today and they both came out negative. A part of me just feels like it’s not accurate and I’m pregnant. Could I be pregnant? Was it implantation bleeding?  Is it from the Plan B? Is it the birth control pill?? Help!!!!!!!!

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