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Health / Nausea after 1st GYNO/Pap Smear??
« on: October 26, 2018, 03:09:00 AM »
Hello all! This is my first ever forum post after using PD for some time now to track my cycle.  :)

Bit long story here, scroll to bottom for summary.     ;D

Anyway, today I had my first ever gynecology visit/pap smear exam. I wasn’t particularly nervous, mainly because I didn’t read people’s horror stories beforehand... The exam itself was fine—no pain and no abnormal lumps from just feeling.

However, I started to feel a mild (but painless) pressure starting a few hrs ago, and now about 6 hrs since my exam, I’m incredibly nauseous (kind of a lower stomach/chest nausea). Just wondering if anyone else experienced this before?

As a side note, I did have blood drawn and felt faint. I experienced lightheaded-ness, spotty vision, and mild hearing loss—a complete first for me!! (I was kind of embarrassed actually.)

Could the two be related??

TLDR; pap exam was good, but felt faint with blood drawn. 6 hrs later, very nauseous but no pain. Wondering if normal??

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