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Pregnancy / pregnant?? please help ladies
« on: January 20, 2019, 02:26:40 AM »
okay guys, my period is normally 7 days. i normally have a cycle of 28 or so. it recently has been changing. my last period was dec 14th- on  had protected sex on january 5th with no breakage. at this time i wasn’t fertile or ovulatin according to this app. however i am 9 days late for my period. which is more than i have ever been. on the twelfth of this month i got some spotting which made me think i was starting y period. it has been on and off for the last id say 5 days. it isn’t enough for me to think it is my period, it also brown and pinkish. of course, googling this has freaked and stressed me out thinkin this is implantation bleeding. but i really want to believe this spotting is just signs of a late period. earlier today i got red blood. enough that made me think i got my period but it had gotten very light almost non existent, making me question if i really did or not? i really want to stop stressing and need help but can’t seek help from professionals. i also had plans of getting an at home test but stopped them when i got the red bleeding earlier. could it have jus died down? why wouldn’t my period be heavy if i have been late with just some spottage. i really don’t want to be pregnant, but honest opinions are asked for, and i would like as many as i can get, thanks girls!

Pregnancy / prganacny scare???
« on: January 15, 2019, 06:48:23 PM »
I am ususally regular but for the last couple of months i have been late. I do track my period.. I had protected sex with no breakage. I did this about 8 days before my expected period. I was almost 5 days late and today started what i believe is my period. However it is much lighter and darker. It is so much darker i’d say it is brown. Of course, googling this freaked me, out implantation bleeding? No cum could have got in me unless it came out of the condom and onto him then me. Is it possible i’m pregnant? I really don’t want to think I am but I need honest opinions.
According to this app I was not fertile or in ovulation.
My last period was Dec. 14 with what i believe to be a 28 day cycle. I had the protected sex on Jan. 5th.
Someone please respond? should my period be like this?

Relationships / Pregnancy, Virginity Loss
« on: November 04, 2018, 11:09:48 PM »
I lost my virginity. I’m kinda freaking out, not about the actual loss of it, but about the possibility of being pregnant. We both had 100% consent and know the chances and risks of sex, even though we’re young. I know the chances are high-ish. But, my boyfriends condom broke. He hadn’t came, however pre-cum or pre-ejaculation was in th condom. He pulled out right away. It hasn’t even been a day, but i have high anxiety. My period should start on the 12th, keeping you guys posted.

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