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Periods / Late Period, A lot of Negative Tests
« on: December 27, 2018, 01:29:46 PM »
Hi, just looking for a bit of support more than advice really as I’ve scoured every end of the internet searching for information haha.
I am 19 days late for my period today, I’m normally a 31 day cycle and use the app to keep track of when I’m due, the most I’ve ever been is 4 days late, I typically get my period on my due date or a couple of days before or after. I’ve never been as many days late as 19, and me and my partner have been TTC for at least a year now but been struggling due to my history of using Depo-Provera, the birth control shot that last 3 months each time.
Anyway, I thought I was due on December 12th, and forgot about it until December 14th I was 2 days late, I felt a little excitement as I always do when I’m late but never get my hopes up because 2 days late is quite normal most months for me... so I came to the app only to realise that my period was actually due on December 8th, which meant that by the 14th I was 6 days late, not 2! My heart flipped because I’d never seen “period is 6 days late” before! So I was super excited, told my partner and I took 2 HPT, both Negative, so I assumed I’d gotten my hopes up.
The day after I tested again after not getting my period, negative again on two tests.
I waited until 9 Days late to test again, negative on another 2 tests.
Me and my partner decided to leave anymore tests due to the fact that I’d read online about HCG hormone not showing in some people for weeks before getting a positive.
Which brings us to today, Dec 27th, 19 days late, for the past 4 days I’ve been really nauseous and vomiting quite a bit, sometimes to the point where there is literally nothing left for me to throw up and I’m just gagging over the toilet because my body is really trying to be sick.
I used a first response test this afternoon because I figured if I’m being sick due to the HCG hormone making me nauseous then maybe now it will show on a test. But got another dissappointing negative.
It’s driving me insane because I can’t accept the fact that I’m pregnant until I’ve seen it in every form physically possible, I can’t get my hopes up only to find out that this is all a false alarm, but my partner is really wound up about it at the minute, especially because we’re going on holiday for the New Year and he’s really protective so he wants to know for definite if we have somebody on board with us for this holiday lol. Has anybody experienced this or anything similar? I don’t have female friends and I won’t talk to my family members about it until I know for sure, so it’s just my partner and he’s super supportive but every time I get a negative he doesn’t know what to think so would just like some people to give their opinions.

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