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Periods / Emergency Pill and Menstruation
« on: September 06, 2018, 10:30:45 AM »
I just want to seek for advise.
I usually have my period between 28th-30th of the month and last for about 5days.The least I remember I had period
June 29
July 30

on August 9 I had unprotected intercourse, 50hours later (August 11) I took Emergency contraceptive Prostinor2. It comes in 2 doses, Im supposed to take the second dose 12hrs after the 1st dose but I forgot and instead took it 10hours late...

On August 17 I had bleeding, I heard spotting is normal after taking ECP but the bleeding is heavy enough life a normal period.. it last for 4days (17-20)

today sept6 I haven’t had another period.
Is the August 17 considered a menstrual period means my new cycle? or was it just a withdrawal bleedinf from ECP and I’m supposed to have my period on the normal time as expected (28tg-30th of the month)?

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