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Welcome / Hiya. New here!
« on: April 13, 2019, 03:14:28 PM »
Hi I just signed up. I’ve been noticing that my periods have been back to being heavier lately (since I got rid of my Mirena iud - I switched from a Paragard iud because gave me ridiculously bad cramps. The Mirena was great - no periods -but near the end in year 4 it was giving me hot flashes).

I also noticed that’s my mood drops considerably a day or two and the day of when it starts. And I already deal with Depression so uh, that’s not great.

I’m planning on talking to my doctor about what options I have- including tossing out the whole thing. I don’t want to have kids so having a period is really annoying. Anyway, any tips on which pad brands have worked for really heavy days would be great. I use Always (the thinner ones for overnight - level 5) at the moment but would like to hear what works for you.

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